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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

22th Portuguese Box-Office Analysis

Only two days after, another box-office analysis. I admit i was getting behind but this week am determined to put it well again.
I promise.

This week, we have three new openers on the first top ten films in Portugal.
And the question is. Is there a new number one? Could it be possible to get that coveted number one spot from "Fun With Dick and Jane". The film may suck but it still got the first spot last week. DID Jim Carrey did it again.
Let´s just wait and see in a few lines under.

With 170169 spectators for the week and a 23% drop, the box-office in Portugal is in a no gain situation for far too long. It needs a big opening fast.

We are considering the week between 5 to 11 of January 2006

Spectators (Week)
Percentage of spectators Drop (-) or Rise (+)
Spectators (Total)
Week of Release
1. Fun with Dick and Jane
2nd Week

2. Jarhead
1st Week

3. King Kong
5th Week

4. O Crime do Padre Amaro
12th Week

5. Tim Burton´s Corpse Bride
4th Week

6. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Warrior, the Witch and the Wardrobe
6th Week

7. Dreamer
1st Week

8. Transporter 2
2nd Week

9. The Man
3rd Week

10. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
1st Week

The Champion:

And the doubt is over. We still have the same film at the number 1 spot. "Fun with Dick and Jane" did 43151 spectators for the week and with a 31% drop, it did hold on, still in front as the reigning champion. Next week will be a different history but have to admit it is possible. As a friend of mine said, the film sucks but...people see it. Where did i already saw that one?

The New Players:

Not getting the top spot with an, we can say it, disapointing opening is "Jarhead". At number 2 with 35086 spectators for the week. Personally i admit i went see it and liked it, altough i didn´t love it. What got me in the first place was the magnificent trailer they made for the movie. A really great one. One of the best last i´ve seen. And Jesus Walks by Kanye West still rings in my ears. Great song.

At number 7 we have "Dreamer", with 10884 spectators. Yes, the one with Kurt Russell and Dakota Fanning about a horse that as an injury but still gets to win-déja vu(where did i hear this one). It´s the basic Disney Family movie where everything goes right and there is that sappy happy ending. Correction- I didn´t see the movie but am just guessing here. Am i right or am i right?

"Kiss Kiss Bang Bang", opened big, considering the small number of theathers, at 9342 spectators. Shane Black is back but know the film industry is in another level And smart writing doesn´t make big films anymore. it´s all about marketing and this one didn´t get any. So...

The Other Players:

At number three Peter Jackson´s dream come true "King Kong" with 17495 spectators for the week and a big 49% drop. it´s going down the empire State right around this time. it´s all downhill from here.

At number 4 and in it´s 12th week at the top ten spots is the great portuguese champion, "O Crime do Padre Amaro". The new number 1 portuguese movie. it sucks by the way but that´s just me that says it. Everyone else went see it instead. With 11995 spectators and a 52% drop.

At number 5 "Tim Burton´s Corpse Bride", with 11956 and a 37% ease on number of spectators.
Almost at the 100000 landmark of spectators total. Next week.

"The Chronicles of Narnia" got a number 6 spot in it´s 6th week. Ohhhh, so sweet...And it is supposed to be here for a very long time? Please don´t. This sweetness is really getting on my nerves. Please "the Hobbit" come quickly and stop this Narnia madness. Please!!!
Ye, right it got 11004 suckers to go see it and a 38% drop. No, i wasn´t one of them. Hehehe.

At number 8 we have "Transporter 2" with 9735 spectators and a 47% step loss.

"The Man" really sucks.At number 9 with a small drop of 25%???? One of the worst movies of the year doesn´t get nominated to the Razzies. There is no justice. And let´s not talk about Elektra. Oh boyyyyy.

Next Week we will have:

- "Match Point" (The New Allen is back. And this film is no luck. The talent was there it was just getting cramped in new York. Still only a top 8 spot.)
- "Saw 2" (number uno spot for it. mark my words. We love a good terror. And if it´s gory and not a Rob Zombie movie, even better)
-"Pride and Prejudice" (not my game, but it´s the romantic comedy every couple was crying for. Number 4 spot).

See ya next week.


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