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Wednesday, March 29, 2006

30th Portuguese Box-Office Analysis

It´s number 30th of the Portuguese Box-Office Analysis.

And the first big news is, we have a new number one? Gladly so, since the last one sucked big time (for the ones who didn´t know which one is it, it involves a guy mascarading as a fat lady, and it´s a sequel, and it sucks big time – this last should have sealed the deal).
Four new films marked their presence in the top ten films. To be more exact three are in the top three, so the podium is brand new.

We had an ok week. Better than last one at least but not that much. With a 1% increase in number of spectators to 161792.

So continue to read and check out what happened at the box-office this week.

We are considering the week between 9 and the 15th of March


Spectators (Week)
Percentage of spectators Drop (-) or Rise (+)
Spectators (Total)
Week of Release

1. Underworld: Evolution
1st week

2. Prime
1st week

3. Bandidas
1st week

4. Brokeback Mountain
5th Week

5. Capote
3rd Week

6. Syriana
4th Week

7. Fragile
1st week

8. Big Momma´s House 2
2nd Week

9. Munich
6th Week

10. Aeon Flux
4th Week

The Champion:

And the new number one is? “Underworld:Evolution”. Vampires just rock our world. Or maybe it was the best choice on a not so strong week for movies. It´s a sequel so in theory it´s much worse than the original which was an ok entertainment but nothing more. This should be more like just an entertainment loosing the ok part. It got 33830 spectators. An ok result but not amazing considering “Aeon Flux” got 41609 spectators in it´s first week.

The New Players:

Opening at number 2 we have “Prime”, that story with the great Meryl Streep and the project to be very great Uma Thurman. At least for Quentin, she already is. For me she is getting close to it. But this is that kind of movie that only gets attention because of the great acting that goes around in there. The guy (of which I don´t remember the name, go figure) is overwhelmed in all the film and the script is not the most enganging. So that leaves the big actresses. It got 24835 spectators in it´s debut week. Not impressive, no.

“Bandidas” was the surprise of the week. But it was because it opened in 33 theathers, the most played movie this week, and I was expecting a low theather count. It didn´t opened in the U.S so you probably don´t know about this one. It stars Salma Hayek and Penelope Cruz as a group of bandits who terrorized Mexico. I don´t know if it is a true story but it´s one we don´t like to remember very often. The worst reviewed film of the year until now really says something. But it has Hayek and Cruz. That says even more. It got 20672 spectators for the week. Expect big drop next week.

At number 7 we find another new player. “Fragile” de Jaume Balagueró, that since it moved to work with american actors and stories droped in is already very low quality. So this means no improvement on this one. And it was a disapointing opening in 21 theathers with only 12136 spectators for the week. I guess Calista Flockhart can´t escape the Ally Mcbeal curse.

A lot down the road is “Yours, mine and Ours”. Expected to enter the top ten, it didn´t made the cut. At number 13 with only 7574 spectators. The family film is loosing it´s ground in Portugal. So stop sending them. They don´t make money.

Just a little note to the reopening of “Crash” after the best film Oscar it got in Holywood. In only 9 theathers it managed to get 5944 spectators to a grand total of 82406 spectators and landing in number 18 spot.

The Other Players:

“Brokeback Mountain” at number 4 continues it´s strong run in here. With a small 25% drop it managed to get 14833 spectators for the total of the week. The Oscar winners of three academy awards really helped in this week strong for Oscar winners.

Continuing the trend of Oscar material, we have “Capote” at number 5 with 14072 spectators and the smallest drop of the week at 22%. Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Oscar Winner for best actor (well deserved, should have won a long time ago) carried a film and will carry it to a great perfomance considering it´s an almost unknown in here (I´m talking of Truman Capote, obviously).

“Syriana” marks the final oscar winner to get decent attention at the box-office. George Clooney helped Syriana to get a small drop of 23% to 12314 spectators. Not bad indeed. Will surpass the 100000 barrier in number of spectators and that´s an amazing result considering the high political material it adresses.

"Big Momma´s House" dropped from last week´s number one to number 8!! It was expected a strong drop but not to a so low number. I believe it´s the most a film ever droped in positions since I started doing this. But the reason for this is obvious and I won´t say it again. Maybe I will, the film SUCKS!!

“Munich” despite the lack of Oscars maintained a spot in the top ten at number 9. With a 52% drop to 8628 spectators.

Finally at number 10 we have “Aeon Flux” with 8359 spectators and a 49% drop. Bye bye to Mrs Theron.

Next week we will Have:

- “The Pink Panther” (the number one spot is for the taking and won´t be hard to get it for this film Number one)
- “A History of Violence” (The greatest contender to get the top spot from “The Pink Panther”. If not it gets number 2)
- “Tsotsi” (the oscar might help it but to get a spot in the top ten is very hard. Few theathers won´t help it either)
- “The White Countess” (will pass unoticed as it did in every place it opened. Won´t get the top ten spot for sure)

I will see you next week.

Good Luck and Good Films.


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