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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

37th Portuguese Box-Office Analysis

Still i do this analysis. I really thought i would get fed up very quickly.
But i just can´t help it. I love numbers and working with them to do future readings is just a opportunity i can´t pass up.

Without further delay will start with this week Portuguese box-Office Analysis.
And according to ICAM, April was good news for cinema. With 1.700.000 spectators for the month that mean a 37% increase considering the comparison with April 2005. And that produced a equilibrium on the comparison between 2005 and 2006. The great helper for this was ofcourse "Ice Age:The Meltdown" and "Inside Man" in a smaller scale.
So you got to thank them.

This week we had 258273 spectators and that means a 20% drop in number. A not very impressive week but that was due in part to the weak films opening this week. Next week will be totaly different with 9 new films opening that you will know in a while.

We are considering the week between 27th of April and the 3rd of May


Theather Count
Spectators (Week)
Percentage of Spectators Rise(+) or Drop (-)
Spectators (Total)
Week of Release

1. Scary Movie 4
2nd Week

2. Inside Man
3rd Week

3. Ice Age:The Meltdown
5th Week

4. Failure to Launch
4th Week

5. Firewall
2nd Week

6. Basic Instinct 2
4th Week

7. The Wild
3rd Week

8. The Matador
1st Week

9. Hostel
3rd Week

10. The Producers
1st Week

The Champion:

It´s a sad moment for cinema in Portugal. For the second straight week, "Scary Movie 4" occupies the number one spot. Despite one of the biggest drops with 40% to 60621 spectators it managed to maintain the top spot, in part due to the weak openings. But it´s still bad cinema winning over some good. And that´s always bad news. Next week i expect big drop due to the big number of new films. 9 to be exact.

The New Players:

Only at number 8 we find the first new opener. It´s "The Matador", the latest from Mr Bond, Pierce Brosnan. A not very impressive opening but i was expecting a higher number of theather count. It was shy away of 14000 but it managed 7975 spectators. Unfortunately this won´t have a very long life span. So it will disapear quietly next week.

At number 10, we find "The Producers". As expected it bombed big time. No marketing, a musical. Not even God could help it. It managed 6640 spectators. It could a new life since the critics, overall, enjoyed the film very much. So who knows if it will have legs to run on it.

The last opener at the top 20 is at number 11 with "Running Scared". With 5596 spectators it did outperform it´s usual direct to video companions by a large margin. But we are talking bad movies so who cares. I don´t.

The Other Players:

We have to talk about "Ice Age:The Meltdown" this week. With a 1% increase in spectators to 43428 it had a great week. A National Holyday at the 1st of May helped it´s cause and is making, for now, the biggest film of the year. Congrats to all the actors and makers of it.

Another one outperforming in Portugal is "Failure to Launch". It already passed the 150.000 spectators line and with a 2% increase this make it a sweet week for it. People just can´t help it. They need Rom-Com in their lives.

On the downside of things we find "The Wild" woth the biggest drop of the week at 42%. With "Ice Age" and dejá-vu working against it, this was one very predictable scenario. Only the makers of the film didn´t notice it.

Out of the top 10 but having very strong week are, "Lisboetas", a portuguese documentary of foreigners living in Lisbon by Sérgio Tréfaut. With a 16% rise in spectators to 1987, this means a second life to this small film. It really does deserve it.

Finally the surprise of the week goes to "Lie With Me" that against every prediction and without changing theather number had a 145% rise in number of spectators to 2543. A very impressive week. The reason for it is beyond my puny mind. Trashed by critics or ignored, script laking, gratuitous sex... Could that be it??? Hmmmmmmmmmmm...

Next Week we Will Have:

- "Mission Impossible 3 - M:I:3 (this one will do great number of theathers large so in the number one spot with 120.000 -Could be smaller though)
- "The New World" (Will do better than the U.S.A. The number 3 spot with an estimate 40.000 spectators)
- "Shooting Dogs" (won´t do that strong but i expect a top 20 spot with 4000 spectators)
- "Mary" (maybe in the vicinity of 2000 spectators and a top 20 spot)
- The others won´t make the cut "The Aristocrats", "Drawing Restraint 9", "Movimentos Perpétuos- Tributo a Carlos Paredes", "Pele".

See ya Next week.

Good Night and Good Films


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