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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Box-Office Analysis of the week in Portugal

Since the U.S.A. didn´t ring any comments here on the blog, i´m starting with the week analysis of the portuguese Box-Office.
Maybe it will have more fans or not.....we will see

Week from 18 of August to 24 of August

Movie Spectators (week) Spectators (Total) Week of Release

1. A Ilha (The Island) 106659 106659 1
2. A Chave (The Skeleton Key) 27192 73995 2
3. Fantastic Four 21054 205595 4
4. Herbie Fully Loaded 20930 92882 3
5. Uma Sogra de Fugir 20290 160263 5
6. Charlie and the Chocolate... 18387 45227 2
7. Madagáscar 16493 665326 8
8. War of the Worlds 10441 485675 7
9. Irmãos Dalton 9340 9340 1
10. Franginhas e o Carrossel... 7642 15400 2

Of the analysis, we can see that "the Island" opened at the top spot in the Box-Office (and much better than in comparison with the U.S Box-Office. The master of explosions (Michael Bay) is still big in Portugal, although he is loosing the spot in the U.S.A.
Other of the oppenings in the top 10 is "Os Irmãos Dalton", the movie based in Lucky Luke comics. It was a disapointment, as was the movie by the way, so they deserve each other, with an estimate 9340 spectators.
Other opening, but only in the top 20 is the French film of Jacques Audiard "De tanto bater o meu coração parou" which continued the trend of bad openings for movies besides from the U.S.A. In spite of that the critics are very favorable and this is one worth watching.

In it´s second week, "A Chave" dropped big, as with "Fantastic Four" and "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" (this last one, not fair. It deserves a bigger audience).

A great run is doing, "Uma Sogra do Pior", the return to the big Screen of Jane Fonda. It seems that the titles in a movie with Sogra ou Sogro are always big hits.

The King of Portuguese Box-Office ("Madagascar") still reins and holds for the 8 th Week for a total spectators of 665326. It is followed by "War of the Worlds" with and estimate of 485675.

See ya next week with next week analysis.


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