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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

25th Portuguese Box-Office Analysis

This is week number 25. A round number and a proud one for me. I hanged on for 25 numbers.
Hope to continue doing it.
And i also hope someone actually reads this stuff. It´s a bit, hard work, but it´s done with love.
The numbers were corrected comparing the numbers from last week and this week taken from

This week, we have a new number one. Considering the openers, it´s easy to know which one did it. And with a very long margin for the second place movie.
With 218729 spectators for the week at the top ten spots and a 23% rise in numbers. This was a very good week for cinema in Portugal.

We are considering the week between from 2 to 8 of February


Spectators (Week)
Percentage of spectators Drop (-) or Rise (+)
Spectators (Total)
Week of Release
1. Munich
1st Week

2. Match Point
3rd Week

3. Pride and Prejudice
3rd Week

4. Memoirs of a Geisha
2nd Week

5. Fun with Dick and Jane
5th Week
6. Saw II
3rd Week
7. Jarhead
4th Week
8. The Libertine
2nd Week
9. Wolf Creek
1st Week
10. The Dark
1st Week

The Champion:

And the number one spot goes to Mr.Spielberg, with his latest film "Munich". And by a gigantic margin from the number 2 spot, with 76813 spectators. The "birth" of terrorism and the present threat did wonders for the film here. Despite the lack of anykind of marketing it opened very well. The mixed reviews by critics might hurt the film a bit, in it´s next week but I believe it will do a great run here, comparing with the bad run in the U.S.A.

The New Players:

“Wolf Creek” won the championship of new horror movies. Unfortunately that is not very good news, since it opened at number 9 with only 6335 spectators. I opened worse than “The Descent” and with a higher number of theathers. We can say flop, without sounding bad.

“The Dark”, the other horror thriller opening this week, did even worse. They couldn´t unsettle the horror champion “Saw II”. With only 5652 spectators and a trailer so bad I couldn´t understand what the hell was the film about. Another bad Hollywood horror rehash of no fear whatsoever. The great flop would describe it better.

“Rent” as predicted, is nowhere to be seen. It didn´t even get a top 20 spot. And it disapeared very quickly from theathers.

The Other Players:

At number two, and continuing a very strong run is “Match Point”. With a small drop of 19% to 31338 spectators, it´s dazzling the portuguese crowd with the return, to form, of Mr. Allen. It really is a great movie and cinema all around. I can´t stop saying it, I know.

“Pride and Prejudice” at number 3 with 24925 spectators and an equal drop of 19% managed to secure the third place. I was wrong. Portuguese people really love corsets and ancient love. The one they could depend on. It´s nothing like the old times.

Holding very strongly was “Memoirs of a Geisha” in the number four spot. With only a 12% drop, to 22027 spectators, it did attract many people in it´s second week. The word of mouth of it´s beautiful photography and scenarios was louder than the one about the lack of emotion of the film. It really is woderful to behold but at the end of it nothing exciting stays Just the imagery.

At number 5 we have “Fun with Dick and Jane”. It managed 19305 spectators and a very small drop of 7%. Amazing numbers for Mr. Jim Carrey.

“Saw II” in number 6 won, the horror championship, despite the competition. With a 29% drop and 14069 spectators.

With the biggest drop in number of spectators (38%) to 8543, “Jarhead” managed to hold, by an inch, the number 7 spot.

Finally at number 8 is Jonhy Depp´s latest “The Libertine” with a 11% drop to 8486 spectators. An ok perfomance. Really thankx to Mr Depp, if not the movie would do terribly.

Next Week we Will Have:

- “Brokeback Mountain” (Will encounter some resistance due to it´s nature and the subject it attends too. Maybe a number 2 but a number 3 is more likely)
- “2 for the Money” (won´t do very good. It´s only Pacino in auto-pilot. Maybe in number 9 or 10)
- “Derailed” (few theathers, so not much chance. Number 7.)
- “Rumor has it…” (the same problem. Aniston times 2 equals, not much money and few theathers. But it will get a spot at the top spots but a low one)

And that´s that.

See ya next week.


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22 February, 2006


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