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Thursday, March 23, 2006

29th Portuguese Box-Office Analysis

Another week of Portuguese box-office information. It´s not much but, it´s all i can get to you. I would like the numbers of all movies playing in theathers here, but ICAM only gives the top 20 movies of the week. The others are completely ignored. The small ones are always ignored.

This was a small week for cinema in Portugal. After "Mardi Gras" vacations the number tend to go down a little and in this case they went 44% down. There was 160049 spectators for all week in the top ten movies of the week.

We have a new number one. A film opening this week, took, Munich, again, from the top spot. Which one was it???

Will know in a minute. Just continue reading.

We are considering the week between 2 and the 8th of March


Spectators (Week)
Percentage of spectators Drop (-) or Rise (+)
Spectators (Total)
Week of Release

1. Big Momma´s House 2
1st Week

2. Brokeback Mountain
4th Week

3. Capote
2nd Week

4. Munich
5th Week

5. Aeon Flux
3rd Week

6. Syriana
3rd Week

7. Bambi 2
3rd Week

8. Good Night and Good Luck
1st Week

9. Coisa Ruim
1st Week

10. North Country
1st Week

The Champion:

And yes, it´s kinda of a surprise but not a very good one. It´s true "Big Momma´s House 2" is back for the sequel and it got the top spot, barely but it did. With 22649 (a not very impressive opening) it climbed to the top one spot. Martin Lawrence still rules the box-office in here, the problem is that he doesn´t rule jokes anymore. The man is not very funny, have to admit. Or maybe i just grew up and can´t stand him anymore. Anything will do. Just don´t look for me in a theather were his movie is playing.

The New Players:

In only 8 theathers, "Good Night and God Luck" managed an impressive 13168 spectators. Not bad, indeed for Mr Clooney. The fact it was nominated for 6 Oscars really helped also but you can´t deny the man. He is the politician every one wished to be. And he really is pounding in the way America is beeing run this days. You take care Mr.Bush. The man won´t stop anytime soon. Next week there is more.

At number 9 a portuguese film. It´s not "O Crime do Padre Amaro", last years standout perfomance, portuguese film wise. It´s "Coisa Ruim", a fantastic film and a film of the fantastic, a thriller, exploring fears. This film really is in Shyamalan´s territory. We really can feel his touch but with a portuguese feel. I think everyone should check it out. This is portuguese film reaching other audiences. It really doesn´t feel like a portuguese movie but in the end you see it is. So that´s the best compliment i could give it.

Finally at number 10, the last opener "North Country" with Charlize Theron, oscar nominated perfomance. WIth 10044 spectators for the week it managed an ok perfomance, considering the subject and the number of theathers it opened in. It will a film very quickly forgotten since it doesn´t hold us in any special way. At least me, it doesn´t appeal. But if you like miner´s tale of sex explotation and drama in coutrooms, this is the film for you.

The Other Players:

At number 2 and loosing it´s only chance to get the top spot is "Brokeback Mountain". In Oscar week, and despite the smallest drop of the week, it only managed 19894 spectators for a 35% drop. Almost the top spot, for a a very decent movie. It really deserved a bit more but it didn´t get it. Maybe it´s 3 Oscars will help it next week but there is "Underworld:Evolution" coming so not much chance with leathr clad girls, violence and action.

At number 3 is "Capote", one spot up from last week perfomance. It helped the film the Oscar by Hoffman as the drop was of 38% to 18088 spectators.

"Munich" droped to the 4th Spot with 17926 spectators and a gigantic 62% drop in number of spectators. Last week gigantic up means this week big drop.

In number 5 we find "Aeon Flux" with 16369 spectators and a drop of 61%.

"Syriana" managed a strong third week to 16056 spectators and a 45% drop. Not the best one but a good one indeed.

Finally at number 7 and with the biggest drop of the week (65%) is "Bambi 2". It only managed to conjure 13635 spectators, meaning Disney magic only worked for one week. That´s not much but it´s still reassuring.

A special note and a goodbye (some say finally, i say unfortunately) to one of the big films (box-office and emotional wise) in Portugal in 2005. I´m talking about "The Constant Gardener" that in it´s 18th week (more than four months in theathers) will leave the box-office number at number 20 with, still, 2774 spectators. An amazing perfomance that will be talked about in my 2005 Portuguese Box-office comentary for the year when ICAM releases the total numbers for the year.

Next Week we wil Have:

- "Prime" (the large number of theathers and the lack of romantic comedies will conjure a strong number. Maybe even a number one)
- "Underworld:Evolution" (the biggest contestant of the number one spot. If it doesn´t get that it gets number 2)
- "Fragile" (Maybe this Calista Flockhart film gets a spot but it´s kinda hard. Few theathers)
- "Yours, Mine and Ours" (don´t know about this one. Maybe a number 9 for it.)

See ya next week
And, please do yourself a favour, see good films.


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