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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

32th Portuguese Box-Office Analysis

Welcome back again.

To maintain the regular behavior of Portuguese Box-Office, we have, yet again, another new number one. Or should i say 3 new films at the top three spots. It's not something that didn't already happen but it doesn't happen much.

So you already know that "The Pink Panther" doesn't hold the number one spot and what else??
This week produced 209561 spectators for the top ten films. That´s a 26% increase from last week's numbers. Not bad indeed. And next week, expect a even bigger opening with "Ice Age 2" opening in the middle of Easter Break in school. It will open huge in terms of 200000 for the week.

So continue reading for more information.

We are considering the week between 23 to 29 of March


Theather Count
Spectators (Week)
Percentage of Spectators Rise(+) or Drop (-)
Spectators (Total)
Week of Release

1. V for Vendetta
1st Week

2. Casanova
1st Week

3. Nanny Mcphee
1st Week

4. The Pink Panther
2nd Week

5. Prime
3rd Week

6. A History of Violence
2nd Week

7. Underworld:Evolution
3rd Week

8. Big Momma's House 2
4th Week

9. Bandidas

3rd Week

10. Brokeback Mountain
7th Week

The Champion:

And has you have see the new number one is "V for Vendetta". It managed 43401 spectators for the week. The Wachowski's are back and this time, unlike the last two Matrix's, they have something to say besides the new special effects. There are some good ones but the film is not about bangs. It´s about the words. And sometimes they just overuse them. That´s the only down of a great entertainment but also a great mirror of what the world could be in the future, hopefully not so near.

The New Players:

At number 2 we find another new opening. It´s "Casanova", the movie made by Heath Ledger to have some holiday from the last big movie he was in. And the film is all about Holydays in Venice. Not a bad place to pass the time. And everyone really seems like they are having a damn good one. Even Jeremy Irons. 38387 spectators went see it. And some of them didn´t get a good time i bet.

"Nanny Mcphee", as one critic put it, is the rebirth of the classic children movie, at number 3. He says it but i can´t confirm it since i didn´t see it. And won´t either. But it did managed to get 35667 spectators for the week and considering it´s a children´s movie with no animation, that´s very good. Children go see it. Quickly because the onslaught of animation(Ice Age 2 and Wild) in the next two weeks will put this out of the box-office very quickly.

A Film by Luis de la Madrid is at number 11. It´s spanish but talked in English and it´s name is "La Monja" or "The Nun". It managed 4445 spectators, and i don´t know how it did that much. Really. The worst film of the year, according to critics. But it did managed people to went see it. SO i have to conclude that people don´t trust critics. Still, i advise, don´t go see it. Please helps???

The Other Players:

At number 4 we find last week´s number one, "The Pink Panther", with 31303 spectators and a 23% drop, the smallest of the week. A not bad week that was eclipsed by all the new openers. That´s a pity for the film but no bad comes from the world because of that. NEXT!!!

"Prime" get the number 5 spot. With 14815 spectators and a 26% drop. A slighly better than expected perfomance by this rom-com.

This is one that deserved a much larger public, "A History of Violence", in 6th place. The best film of the year has a very bad week with a 34% drop to 14335 spectators. If you read this do yourself a favour and go see it. I just don´t advise to the faint of heart. It´s a tough, violent but deserving movie. Go see it, NOW.

"Underworld:Evolution" is at number 7 with10477 spectators and a 44% percent big drop.

On the other end, the unexpected holder is "Big Momma´s House 2" with a 26% drop and 7836 spectators. Who would expect it would hold more than 3 weeks? Nobody... It´s at number 8.

Number 9 is "Bandidas" with the biggest drop of the week at 52% to 6765 spectators. Not much to say. Avoid it.

Finally at number 10 is for the 7th and last week "Brokeback Mountain". A film about the love of two cowboys doing 160000 spectators in Portugal!!! Who would have tought???

Just a Oscar Winner reminder. At number 13 we have "Crash", holding it´s spectators to 3961 and a small 24% drop. Not bad in it´s 23th week.

Next Week we Will Have:

- "La Tigre e la Neve" (The latest from Oscar Winner Robert Benigni. Many people hate him, the other half loves him. That´s something for me. and for Portugal also. Will do a place in top ten at number 8 maybe.

- "Just Friends" (the stupid film of the week will do great. At number 4 maybe)

- "The Ice Age: Meltdown" (open gigantic in number one. Excess of 200000 people maybe in it´s first week)

See ya next week.

Good Night and Good Films.


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