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Monday, October 17, 2005

7th Portuguese Box-Office Analysis

It is in the week between 28 of September and 5 of October
We had a 27% drop since last week of spectators in the top 10 films from 172091 to 126301, this week. The rain is coming now so next week will probably have a rise in spectators because this is dropping very fast. This represented the last week with sun so people couldn´t resist the appeal of a good time at the beach...


Spectators (Week)
Percentage of spectators drop(-) or Rise (+)
Spectators (Total)
Week of Release

1. 40 Year Old Virgin

2. Brothers Grimm

3. Wedding Crashers

4. The Dukes of Hazzard

5. Red Eye

6. Cinderella Man

7. Goal!

8. House of Wax

9. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

10. Bewitched

This was a week fruitful in new oppenings. 8 Films opened but only three got to the top 10 spots.
At number one spot is "40 Year Old Virgin". I told you guys, we have a soft spot for virgins and we just couldn´t resist it (well i did, because Gilliam was in town). It got 34238 spectators, a not very good oppening considering Wedding Crashers oppening of 64835 spectators. I predict a small drop next week but it won´t get to the "Wedding Crashers" total spectators.

At number two was Gilliam´s "Brothers Grimm" with it´s mix of fantasy and strange humour couldn´t get to the portuguese hearts nor it´s pocket hehe. Like an american critic said "Brothers Grimm is a "pinnata" of visual effects...". So what??? You will not see anything that dazzling this year so go for it... And Peter Stormare is amazing in it (finally a part where he is not russian).

At number 7 and with small numbers was "Goal!". An european production that didn´t cut the deal. I guess the exclamation mark ("Goal!") was not a very good marketing campaign. And besides we are bombarded almost everyday with football... Who wants to also go see it in the movies. Hey, not me...
(ps: Benfica won 0-2 in Fc Porto this week so we are happy - yes this is soccer).

The other oppeners like takashi´s Miike "One Missed Call", "Absolon", "Crime Spree", "Trespassing" and Claude Chabrol "Le Demoiselle D´Honneur" didn´t get to the top 10 spots. Since the official site is not avaible i can´t say if they got to be in the top 20. SOrry for the incovenience.

This week, the drops were generally huge. This usually happens when there are lots of new films oppening. People like to choose the newest films so this is natural in the box-office in here. It´s almost a tradition.

"Wedding Crashers" droped to number 3 after two weeks at the top spot. The drop of 56% was very big but a total of 127247 says that not all is bad in their universe.

The same couldn´t be said of "The Dukes of Hazzard". The biggest drop since this box-office is beeing made of 69% doesn´t hold a very promising future for the film. Expect an also big drop next week. I told you guys, red neck jokes don´t hit here. But you wouldn´t listen...

At number 5 "Red Eye" continued the trend of big drops with 57% drop. The Wes Craven thriller got the axe and it´s perfomance is not the best and at least the expected. Another let down for an ok film. It´s not amazing but it wasn´t bad.

"Cinderella Man" on the another hand is a good surprise. I certainly wasn´t expecting 88500 spectators for a film about box and in a very depressing mood. But it is faring well and at least will continue last week. It won´t top the 100000 spectators but it will get close. not bad indeed Mr. Howard.

The "House of Wax" had the second biggest drop of 68% and has you say in the U.S, three strikes out and next week it is out of here... The horror movies tend to drop fast. We fans are die hard but after us there isn´t much left. Comedy is the bread and butter in here.

At number 9 we have the film that just refuses to live and that has accompanied me in this 7 editions of the portuguese box-office. "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" had the smallest drop of the top 10, at 47%, to a total spectators of 177883. A very good run for the film. And it has surpassed my biggest expectations. i Just say farewell to thee and hope to see ya next in a very packed DVD at home hehe.

Finally at number 10 we have "Bewitched" with a 61% drop. There aren´t enough witches in here to go see the movie. 120000 i think will be an ok number but who knows what lies in your neighbor home. We never know...

Well see ya next week and for next week we will have and expect some great oppenings (well at least for "Serenity". It really deserves it...

other significant oppeners will include:

- "Alice" de Marco Martins (winner of "A certain Regard" at the Cannes film festival and a very good portuguese film)It deserves a good run

- "Sky High" ( a movie about super-heros always goes well in here. Let´s See)

- "Guardian Watch" the russian blockbuster will probably get in the top 10 spots. Let´s see...

See ya next week with more movies.


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