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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

40th Portuguese Box-Office Analysis

Welcome back to another analysis of the Portuguese Box-Office.

It´s great to see you again. And always a pleasure. I know that i have costumers from all around the world that come here very often. And i welcome you to leave any comments that could improve the analysis i´m making every week.
I try to make new improvments every week but that´s not always possible or even better. So i need some feedback. I would love to put some Excel tables but that is simply not possible. Or maybe i don´t know how to put them in here.

We had a gigantic week this time. And all thankx to the opening of a film. A single film made this a big week for portuguese Box-Office. And that film is...
I won´t tell just yet, but i know you guessed it already since it opened this week all over the world.
The week produced 360684 spectators for the top ten movies. And that means a 157% increase in number!!! BIG indeed.

Without further ado let´s move to the list.

We are considering the week between 11 and 17 of May


Theather Count
Spectators (Week)
Percentage of Spectators Rise(+) or Drop (-)(-)
Spectators (Total)
Week of Release (New Film)
1. The Da Vinci Code
1st Week

2. Mission Impossible 3
3rd Week

3. Inside Man
6th Week

4. The New World
3rd Week

5. Freedomland
2nd Week

6. Last Destination 3
2nd Week

7. Scary Movie 4
5th Week

8. Grandma´s Boy
2nd Week

9. Half-Light
1st Week

10. The Wild
6th Week

The Champion:

This was a no-brainer. It had to make the top ten. Huge Marketing, Huge Book, Huge Cast, Huge Rise against it from the Catholic Church to Movie Critics around the world. Yes, it´s "The Da Vinci Code". It conjured 257583 spectators for the week and marks the biggest opening at the Portuguese Box-Office Analysis. Ofcourse, this also means a HUGE Disapointment. This is one boring film. But the number one spot had to be for it.

The New Players:

Still at the top ten, we find "Half-Light". As predicted, it got helped by the presence of a big presence in screens for the film it was. A Z movie directed straight to video that got a chance in theathers. It conjured 4296 spectators for the week. A decent opening, indeed.

On the end of the list, at 19, we find "Wassup Rockers", the latest from Larry Clark. 1318 spectators went see it in 3 theathers. Well, below what was expected of a cult director. The man has a distint print, but have to admit i don´t admire him that much. Loved "Bully" but the others are just prebuscent exploration of people to show sex and problems of youth in Cinema. And the sex just has to be there. Rough and natural like it´s supposed to be. If you like the man go see it but i won´t advise it.

Finally the last listed opener, at number 20, is "La Comédie du Pouvoir", the latest from Claude Chabrol. If you don´t know the name just be ashamed. And please go to IMDB and go see who he is. The Nouvelle Vague survivor continues making what he knows best. And that´s good cinema. Only for the hardcore movie fans but expect good fun, though.
The Other Players:
On the low side, but not that low, we only find "Scary Movie 4" with the biggest drop of the week, 35% to 7838 spectators. Next week is bye bye for it. And don´t come back please. CInema doesn´t need a part 5 of the trilogy.
On the upper side we find "Grandma´s Boy" and "The Wild". The two got an increase in number of spectators in the 2% area. The later one did get back to the top 10 after a week´s down time in number 11.
And this week winner of the "Oustanding Perfomance of the Week" goes to "Lassie". With a 18% rise in number of spectators it managed a small but still a comeback of a Legend. it´s not much but at least means it had a impact in people. Even all this years since it went away. Well done.
Next Week we Will Have:
- "X-Men:The Final Stand" (will open big. This one is easy. I think will do better that M:I:3 in the 150.000 spectators area. In Number 1??Some doubts but it´s possible)
- "The World´s Fastest Indian" (could, thankx to high number of theathers make a top ten appearence. In Number 6 with 5000)
- "Les Temps qui Reste" (Like the latest from Chabrol, in the top 20 with 1600 spectators. it´s the latest from Ozon)
- The others don´t stand a chance "Natureza Morta", "Modigliani", "The Trail".
See ya next week.
Good Night and Good Films


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