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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

23th Portuguese Box-Office Analysis

Welcome to the number 23 analysis of Portuguese Box-Office.
I detected some errors in the numbers given by ICAM. There are spectators not acounted for or in larger number than expected...
Strange numbers. Will try to do a check next time. Because for that you need some time and this week i didn´t had any.

Today we have a big surprise. And yes a new number one after the two week reign of "Fun With Dick and Jane". And it´s a film no one expected to gain the top spot.
You will se in a little while. A Complete surprise.

For the week we had 202120 spectators for the top ten movies and that´s a 18% rise in number. Nice numbers but not great numbers. Far from it.

We are considering the week between 19 to 26 January


Spectators (Week)
Percentage of spectators Drop (-) or Rise (+)
Spectators (Total)
Week of Release

1. Match Point
1st Week

2. Pride and Prejudice
1st Week

3. Fun With Dick and Jane
3rd Week

4. Saw II
1st Week

5. Jarhead
2nd Week

6. King Kong
6th Week

7. O Crime do Padre Amaro
13th Week

8. The Man
4th Week

9. Transporter 2
3rd Week

10. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
2nd Week

The Champion:

We have a new number and it´s Woody Allen´s "Match Point", with 44861 spectators. Who would have thought that this would be possible. Allen commanding the box-office. I guess he just has to make a good movie or was it because of Scarlett. Who knows. But we really liked it. And i bet you didn´t expect this one?
No one did.

The New Players:

At number 2 and really close to the number 1 spot is "Pride and Prejudice", with 42176 spectators, just 2000 short of the number one spot. The romantic comedy with a twist of England last century with all those dresses really calls out to portuguese. I Wonder why???

"Saw II" at number 4 with 28388 spectators. A good result? Not by a long shot. Considering it´s a sequel to a sucsessful film in here it´s kind of disapointing. We aren´t fooled two times. It´s the same movie with different actors but the same mechanics. And that sucks.

Not at the top 10 but at number 17 we have "Where the Truth Lies" with 2568 spectators. The last film by Egoyan, didn´t dazzle or made any money. Not much loved by the critics and no marketing campaign in just 4 theathers and we have doom spelled backwards. Not in the "Mood", get it???

The Consecutive Players:

"Fun with Dick and Jane" at number 3 after two weeks at the top, with 29256 spectators and a 32% drop. An ok week. Couldn´t expect better.

At number 5, the biggest drop of the week, for "Jarhead". A movie about war with no combat always gets big drops in it´s second week. This is the first one like that? So what did i told you. No war no money. And that is even applied in really warfare nowadays. If you wanna see, just, a good movie, Jarhead is not a big disapointment. It is actually quite good. But no there is not a single bullet fired against a human being.

"King Kong" wih 10031 spectators and a 43% drop. It is coming down the Empire State Building and that´s a fact. Next week it is probably no more.

The portuguese champiom and biggest holdover ever at the portuguese box-office is "O Crime do Padre Amaro" With 8960 spectators and a 25% drop it will probably hold a little more weeks at the top 10 spots. Good Work.

At number 8 is "The Man". Making decent bucks for the movie it is. 47982 total spectators for a a smallish 22% drop.

"The Transporter 2", killing it´s last rounds this weeks, with 6899 spectators and a 29% drop.

Finally, at number 10 "Kiss Kiss Bang Bang" with 5858 spectators and a 37% drop. COnsidering the number of theathers counts it´s a decent run for Shane Black at the directing chair for the first time.

Next Week we will have:

- "Memoirs of a Geisha" (Will open at the top2 spots. The number 1 is possible but i don´t know portuguese fascination with japanese culture. That will determine the result.)

Altough there are 7 films opening i don´t see many of them making the cut. And the ones making it just suck so they don´t deserve a mentioning.

See ya next week


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