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Tuesday, November 15, 2005

11th Portuguese Box-Office Analysis

That´s exactly the word. The portuguese box-office has risen from the ashes likes a fallen Phoenix...
With 309125 spectators in the week of 27 October to 2 November that means a 128% rise in box-office.
Isn´t that a reason to say ALELUIA, brother?

The other news is:
- We finally have a new number one. Yes "40 year Old Virgin" has lost the top spot. It dropped to number 4. So who is the new number one?...Just check it out now...


Theather Count
Spectators (Week)
Percentage of spectators drop(-) or Rise (+)
Spectators (Total)
Week of Release

1. The Legend of Zorro
1 Week

2. The Crime of Father Amaro
1st Week

3. Wallace & Grommit - The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
1st Week

4. 40 Year Old Virgin
5th Week

5. The Amytiville Horror
2nd Week

6. Lord of War
1st Week

7. The Longest Yard
2nd Week

8. The Long Weekend
2nd Week

9. Must Love Dogs
4th Week

10. Stealth
3rd Week

And the number 1 spot goes to "The Legend Of Zorro". Unlike in the U.S.A Zorro is a very respected hero in here (altough this is Zorro for old people) and Antonio Banderas is still a huge star in here unlike in the U.S, where he is just one more. With 90205 spectators, this is the biggest opening ever since i analyse the box-office. It just opened at the right time...People were dying to see a big movie again...

At number 2 the (not so) big surprise. "The Crime of Father Amaro" opened big for a portuguese movie at 53470 spectators at only 29 theathers. That´s an amazing result. The buzz was definitely growing each week with this movie. The like we haven´t seen for a portuguese movie for some years now. It´s the adaptation of Eça de Queiroz book that was already adapted to the big screen some years ago with Gael Garcia Bernal in the leading role. Unfortunately it´s just a T.V. series transformed into a film. And it shows believe me...

Although i was dreaming of it it didn´t happened. "Wallace & Grommit - The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" opened at number 3 with 47686 spectators. That´s a very good opening for a very good film, but it´s still not the number one. It´s amazing what people can do with just plasticine. Carry on Aardman studios. Well Done.

"Lord of War" did opened at the right week. Some weeks ago and this would have disappeared fast. But with 19794 spectators it really outdid itself.Two Weeks ago would have made 10000 tops. Luck got the decent opening, and not for beeing a good movie. Although the opening of the movie is really good...

From the consecutive players:

At number 4 "40 year Old Virgin" lost it´s crown. After four weeks at the top of the box-office, it didn´t got to hold it for the fifth week. The 8% rise in spectators is, despite that, a very good run for it´s money. It´s the sleeper hit of moment, since it oppened at 34000 and is now at 29000. Very good run indeed.

At number 5 "The Amytiville Horror" with an impressive 28% rise got to 24583 spectators. That´s just the confirmation that horror movies do well in Portugal. If it has at least a minimum quality it does well. When it´s bad like "The Cave" it goes down fast. So pick them up better. Imagine if you drop a good horror movie what will happen???

"The Longest Yard" got the number 7 spot. With a 12% drop (not bad) the Adam Sandler vehicle could have some wheels to go on. Or maybe it won´t. The second one is much more likely. Expect a fast drop next week...

Don´t you guys choose what you watch. That´s the only conclusion i could take from the 9% drop of "The Long Weekend". A stupid movie recycling stupid ideas and making a very T.V like movie. Don´t you guys have some standards. Just say No if someone in your group wants to see this... Remember NOoooooooo.

"Must Love Dogs" with a 18 % drop is holding it´s tails at the number 9 spot (nice joke hey?? No???Ok...). With an estimate 8402 that means a sleeper hits. remember what i said last week about romantic comedies. Believe me open on and you will get cash no matter if it´s good or bad. They just are so eager to see them...Anyone...

Finally at the last avaible spot is "Stealth". With the biggest drop at 34%, we have one of the biggest bombs in Box-Office History. It Really blowed itself to little bits. Very tiny bits. This sucks big time and what i said for the long weekend also applies here. NOOOOOO...

Next week will there be a new box-office champion. The chances are very thin, because:

- "The Constant Gardener" (it won´t open big. Very few theather counts but it will get a top 10 spot maybe number 7)

- "In Her Shoes" (we just love Cameron Diaz, but this isn´t the ideal vehicle for her. But it´s a girls film so it will do good. Maybe the top 4 if it´s lucky)

- "Doom" (hmmm, i don´t know about this one...Maybe it will open big but it won´t get the top spot. I could be wrong...

- "The March of the Penguins"(this i don´t know. It didn´t get the buzz like in the U.S. And we are talking of the french version. With dialogues between Penguins. How stupid could that be. It will get a place at the top 10 with lots of luck only...)

See ya guys next week with the 12th Analysis.



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