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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

39th Portuguese Box-Office Analysis

Hello and welcome back.
And the news don´t start good for the Portuguese Box-Office. Yes, it´s true it´s the 5th week going down after the 6 week going up streak.
And this time it goes down 36%!!! To just 140016 spectators for the top ten films of the week. That means one of the weakest week of all time, here at the box-office analysis.

But there are exceptions, for some there are good news. To be exact, there are good news for three films, because the others have disapointing runs.
Wanna see which one are they? Just continue reading.

We are considering the week between 11 and 17 of May


Theather Count
Spectators (Week)
Percentage of Spectators Rise(+) or Drop (-)(-)
Spectators (Total)
Week of Release (New Film)
1. Mission Impossible 3
2nd Week

2. Inside Man
5th Week

3. The New World
2nd Week

4. Scary Movie 4
4th Week

5. Freedomland
1st Week

6. Last Destination 3
1st Week

7. The Hills Have Eyes
1st Week

8. Failure to Launch
6th Week

9. Grandma´s Boy
1st Week

10. Ice Age:The Meltdown
7th Week

The Champion:

No news in this department. The number one is the same for it´s second week, thankx to no big names on the film rooster. It´s "Mission Impossible 3", with 57721 spectators and a expected 50% plunge in it´s second week. The fact, the film could be a lot better and looses itself after the first (great by the way) half hour didn´t help either. Next week will loose the number one spot to a bigger fish, indeed much bigger.

The New Players:

We find the first new player at number 5 and it´s "Freedomland". The star studded cast helped it make the first place for new openings, since the number of theathers was almost the same for all openings. It managed 11482 spectators. An ok entry but not very impressing. WIll disapear off the radar very rapidely.

And just below, winning in the horror department fight this week is "Final Destination 3". The saga knowable name helped it against the tough horror competition with 9629 spectators. A bad opening but no bad considering the downtime for horror this time around at Portugal.

And loosing, by a long shot, in this fight is "The Hills Have Eyes" with a predicted 18000 that only conjured 5951 spectators. Very disapointing but i´m telling this for ages. Stop sending formatted products. A much less advertised horro like "The Descent" won more spectators due to beeing unique and not some remake of a 70´s horror film. So just learn with your mistakes ok?

This one was helped by the high number of theathers to make it even in the top 10. "Grandma´s Boy" managed 5462 spectators due to the 24 theather count, because we all agree and let´s say it together. It SUCKS.

Finally, a this one another disapointment is "Lassie" which only conjured 1177 spectators, at number 20. I guess the legend is dead now.

The Other Players:

At number 3 the first good surprise of the week it´s "The New World". With a small 22% drop it managed 13446 spectators. A good prize to a film that deserves to be seen by a larger audience. I hope it gets some more in it´s embrace.

The other good surprise and the winner for the second straight week of the outstanding perfomance of the week goes to "Lisboetas", for a 6% drop to 2093 and it´s increase in theathers to 2. It is a force to be reckoned with. And a great documentary feature perfomance. It could outdo "March of the Penguins", which bombed in here (i wonder why?let´s say it together. OVERRATED.). Way to go.

Next Week we Will Have:

-"The Da Vinci Code" (this is a no-brainer. Number one in the 200000 spectators department. A huge opening)
- "Half-Light" (this Demi Moore european vehicle will get the top 10 with a 5000 opening. Many theather will help it)
- "Wassup Rockers" (will make the top 20 thankx to Larry CLark following. With 3000 spectators)
- The others won´t be making the cut, like "Lá Cómedie du Pouvoir" the last from Chabrol (could make like 1000) and "El Penalti más Largo del Mundo".

See ya next week.

Good Night and Good Luck.


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