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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

9th Portuguese Box-Office Analysis

It is in the week between 13 and 19 of October
We had a 29% drop since last week of spectators in the top 10 films from 112481 to only 79758 this week!!!
The Crisis of cinema industry is global and altough this year in terms of good filmaking and bad is as always was that doesn´t change the fact that people go less to the cinema. The notable exception is me that until the present time have gone more times to the cinema this year than all last year.
And since it started this is the 6th consecutive drop in number of spectators from 238000 to this week 79758. That´s more than a 60 % drop.


Theather Count
Spectators (Week)
Percentage of spectators drop(-) or Rise (+)
Spectators (Total)
Week of Release
1. 40 Year Old Virgin

2. Stealth

3. Brothers Grimm

4. Must Love Dogs

5. Serenity

6. Wedding Crashers

7. Alice

8. Howl´s Moving Castle

9. The Cave

10. Four Brothers

And there you have it. The lack of big openers made the third consecutive top spot for the "40 year old virgin". It really is a big hit in the fall but it doesn´t compare to the bigger hits of the start of the year or, and specially the big summer hits. An only 30% drop made it the reigning champion again this week and next week it can happen again. Only the "Longest Yard" has the possibility to stop it but i don´t know.

In terms of new openings the bigger opened at number 2 and it was "Stealth". With an estimated 10544 spectators total it was a very bad opening considering the big hit that "The Island" was. But that´s the problem in here when you don´t open it at summer time. It just doesn´t tickle anyone. Except when it´s a good film and "Stealth" definitely isn´t in the club. A very big drop next week i predict (it´s yoda speaking not me)...

At number 8 was "Howl´s Moving Castle" with only 5540 spectators but in much less theather count. It´s kind of unfair for animation when only 5000 people go see this gem and almost 700000 went to see "Madagáscar". Cinema is very americanized here and that´s a a pity. I went to see like 65% american cinema and that seems a lot but the average at Portugal is 95 american!!!!and 5% the rest...Beiing portuguese cinema 0,000001%.

At number 10 we have "Four Brothers" has predicted finished the new openers in the top 10. With 5072 spectators that was also a disapointing start for the brothers drama and revenge quest. But considering the time and crisis of cinema it was to expect. No big names in the cast (Donnie Wahlberg in here is an unknown), the director doesn´t ring a bell (Jonh What???) and revenge stories are very common indeed. The result is the expected.

At number 12 opened "Last Days" form Gus Van Sant. When you only open in 5 theathers that is bond to happen. Only 3280 people answered the call. I wasn´t one of them. And i won´t be one of it. I can´t explain it but i don´t like his movies in general (exception to the rule was "Elephant").

At number 19 we still had another opener "Cronicas". With 1385 spectators in 4 theathers this spanish filme continued the trend. Only Pedro Almodovar´s film get attention here. It doesn´t matter what the others talk about. That´s just the way it his. I´m also guilty of that charge. It almodovar or Amenabar. Nothing else...

Of the hold on´s we have to talk of the "Brothers Grimm". With a 38% drop (that´s wasn´t very bad it got the third spot. The reason? There simple isn´t anything interesting to see every week. And a "pinnata" to bang on is always apreciated in here Miss Lisa something from EW...

At number 4 "Must love dogs" with 7308 spectators and a 36% drop. Not to shabby for a romantic comedy but the numbers are not very famous. It will hold on decently next week but it´s career is dommed from the start. A title that long is bond to attract problems (see the 8th box-office analysis to understand!!!).

At number 5 my biggest deception since i just loved the film, "Serenity" and the few that saw it didn´t also get disapointed. The 45% drop was expected from and action/Sci-fi adventure that doesn´t have a following of Firefly series here. Hey even in the States the drop was exactly the same. But if you still read this and didn´t see it go see it know. this week is the last chance since it will be exiting the theathers (only night sessions now).

"Wedding Crashers" is going down at number 6. Literally. A 51% drop i think tells it all. It has reached the longest it could go and not to shabby at 150000 spectators. Time is just getting to him...

"Alice" is the new portuguese champion. With a 12% small drop it hold on to 6057 spectors and promises to keep going very well. The good reviews and beeing an alien in portuguese sure did help and will help it´s career. It really is a beautiful film with a very strange but alluring image. It´s mainly in blue tones and it really gives the film a very depressing tone. Go see it if you can. Because the word is really can. It is mainly in Lisboa and Porto. The other ones have to contend to american films...

And the last one is "The Cave". Not very much to talk about. A 40% drop to 5097 spectators. And that´s it. The film doesn´t deserve that much so i´m just admired to see a so bad film in here. They almost all are but there are exceptions. I hope you guessed them from my text.

Ok last week we will have a down week again. I don´t know if this bad but a bad week is expected indeed.
The films to probably get the top 10 spots are:

- The Amytiville Horror (i predict the 8th place)
- The Longest Yard (probably the first depends on the 40 year old virgin hold)
- Russian Dolls (French movie - it opened at many theathers so it could get a chance...a very slime one)

See ya next week with more movies.Not that great but still movies.


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