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Thursday, March 16, 2006

28th Portuguese Box-Office Analysis

Welcome to the 28th Portuguese Box-Office Analysis.
We´ve been doing it for 6 months now and i think the overall quality is improving, since the first one was posted. Just look at it.
One of the improvments was the counting of number of spectators since there is a error between the numbers posted and the real numbers comparing the totals of each film, each week.
And for the first time, the number one film doesn´t stay the same doing this routine. Instead of "Aeon Flux", according to ICAM, we have another number 1 film. Check it out in a moment, and compare the number between them and my ones (I consider the totals from last week and from this week - the difference gives the total spectators for the week).

This week counted 287421 spectators for the top ten movies of the week. That is a 30% rise, considering last week top and overall a good week for cinema in Portugal. The reason for this rise is obvious. This week between 26 to 28 February there were holidays for schools all over the country. You guessed it right, it´s Mardi Gras or like it is called here "Carnaval".
And so this was a rise week for almost every film. The ones that droped only droped to a maximum of 1%!!! Great perfomances indeed.

We are considering the week between 23 of February to 1 of March


Spectators (Week)
Percentage of spectators Drop (-) or Rise (+)
Spectators (Total)
Week of Release

1. Munich
4th Week

2. Aeon Flux
2nd Week

3. Bambi 2
2nd Week

4. Brokeback Mountain
3rd Week

5. Syriana
2nd Week

6. Capote
1st Week

7. Rumor has it...
3rd Week

8. Match Point
6th Week

9. Derailed
3rd Week

10. Pride and Prejudice
6th Week

The Champion:

And yes. This number one spot is not consensual. According to Icam it only came in third place, but i think i know better. I just made the maths, nothing more.
"Munich" is at number one again after a week in number 2. With a 45% rise, since last week, to 46608 spectators, it really is having a big perfomance, considering the U.S.A box-office of 45 million dollars, only. Mr Spielberg is big herem no matter the film he makes. Bring it on, i mean another film.

The New Players:

At number 6, only, we have our first new opener of the week. And it is "Capote". Considering, Truman Capote is relatively unknown in this parts, it´s numbers are propelled by the oscar nominations and the fact that opened in lots of places. Due in part, thankx to the nominations. A film that wouldn´t have the attention it deserves if it didn´t got nominated. Do be grateful for being in the Oscars.

"Zathura" opened modestly, almost forgotten at number 13 with 10602 spectators. The lack of marketing of any sort and word of mouth (almost nobody knows what this is about, and the title doesn´t help it explain). A very small total it will have, i predict (Yoda, always gets me)

Ok, the oscars doesn´t help every movie, especially when it´s an english vaudeville hommage. Nominated Dame Judi Dench, helped "Mrs Henderson Presents" to the 14 spot with only 7111 spectators. And if you are a lover of musicals go see it. Of great perfomance would also help with Dame Dench and Bob Hoskins doing their "thing". Myself i don´t like musicals so i´m out of the group.

Finally, and thankx in part to the small theather count "Transamerica" opened at 16 with 5861 spectators. Academy Award Nominee, as she will always be known, Fellicity Huffman has an amazing perfomance in this one. And i think this is the only reason to go see it. And that´s not much for a movie to perform.

The Other Players:

Have to give a word to the biggest perfomance of the week with "Bambi 2" With a 58% rise to 38411 spectators it has the most amazing week, thankx in part to the school break in which many kids wanted to see a movie for them. And which one was on? "bambi2". Kudos to Disney. they really nailed it with this film opening before releasing it to DVD.

"Brokeback Mountain" on the other hand was the worst performer with a 1% drop!!! And they call it the worst perfomance. Considering it is oscar nominate for 8 (it didn´t won any at this point), the drop is a big one. But considering it´s a homosexual story of two comboys it did amzingly well. If 4 months ago they said this movie would get 100000 spectators in Portugal i would say they were crazy but it already passed that mark.

"Rumour has it.." is doing very well also. With 22608 and a 44% rise, that is one hell of a week.

"Match Point" of Mr Allen is doing it´s stupendous run also. With 174932 it made more than most blockbusters last year so...You take your conclusions.

Next Week you will Have:

- "Good Night and Good Luck" (won´t do great considering the topic. But oscar nomination will help it a lot. Maybe a number 6 spot)
- "Coisa Ruim" (the portuguese fantastic film. It opened "Fantasporto" before opening. Opened with 15000 spectors so a number 7 spot for it...not bad)
- "Big Momma´s House 2 (I hope it won´t oppen big but a number 2 is possible.)
- "North Country" (is it just me that doesn´t stand Mrs Theron? Ok, but i predict a place outside of the top 10.Hurray.)

See ya next week and good movies for you


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