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Monday, December 05, 2005

14th Portuguese Box-Office Analysis

It´s been a long 14 weeks straight doing the box-office analysis here in Portugal and I think it is finally paying off. People are coming here to see the site and that makes me proud. If you are reading this then thank you for encouraging me to spend my time here (with no pay whatsoever) giving my opinion about the movie business which I love so much…
Enough with the talk and let´s get down to business.

Again we have another very good week. With 270092 spectators we see a 8% rise since last week, which was already a very good week. Next week expect the biggest jump this year with the opening of the fourth in the Harry Potter saga. It will dominate the market for sure as it did in all the world.

About this week openers, we have a new number one. A surprise I must say, but one that confirms the love of animation movies in Portugal (especially the ones in 3D – Even Valiant did great here).
And the portuguese movie champion still continues to amaze. Continue to read if you wanna know more.

We are considering the week from 17 to 23 of November.


Theather Count
Spectators (Week)
Percentage of spectators drop(-) or Rise (+)
Spectators (Total)
Week of Release

1. Chicken Little
1st Week

2. Flighplan
2nd Week

3. O Crime do Padre Amaro
4th Week

4. Deuce Bigalow – European Gigolo
1st Week

5. The Legend of Zorro
4th Week

6. Elizabethtown
2nd Week

7. The Constant Gardener
3rd Week

8. Doom
3rd Week

9. The Amytiville Horror
5th Week

10. The Bridge of San Luis Rey
1st Week

The Champion:

I have to admit that the box-office this week confused me. I didn´t got one of my predictions right. That means I must continue my job in order to do it better. Against my judgement, “Chicken Little” is the new champion and with a very good opening (70509 spectators). 3D animation is still going great in here, so it´s a great market for it. This a hint to every major cinema company. Do it and open it here and always with great results. It detroned “Flightplan” by more than 10000 spectators so nice result.

The New Openers:

At number 4 and way above the best predictions is “Deuce Bigalow- European Gigolo”. With 27860 spectators the result is a very good one. The most gross out comedy of the year didn´t gross out the Portuguese people. We are Europeans so we can take everything right? The puritain ones are in the other side of the Atlantic, not here. So bring it on. But please not Bring It On 3. NO. This isn´t an idea.

At number 10 and a total surprise is “The Bridge of San Luis Rey”, a gigantic flop in the U.S.A, despite the great cast, did manage 5225 spectators in only 9 theathers. The result isn´t that great but is far away from a big flop.

The great flop came from “Manô”, the portuguese film in which I put some faith but that didn´t got a top 20 spot. That is not very good news for portuguese special effects since the money spent in it doesn´t has it´s return. Originality in portuguese cinema isn´t paying off. And that brings to a sad conclusion. Don´t be original, copy what the others are doing. Do another “Crime do Padre Amaro”. That, definitely is not good for portuguese cinema.

"Supercross" with a number 17 spot with 2636 did very badly in the box-office but still better than Manô

The Consecutive Players:

For the second week and with a 33% drop in spectators to 60946, is “Flighplan”. The Jodie Foster vehicle had a great second week, since the big openers usually drop more than 40% in it´s second week. Considering the time of the year we are, it would be difficult to hold the top spot. This is cinema going month. November and December (specially) are becoming it.

At number 3, the already called portuguese champion “O Crime do Padre Amaro”. With 39635 spectators and a meager 10% drop (which is amazing), the film is already in route to be one of the biggest of all time (Now it´s already number 5 of all time, in Portuguese Movies). Personally I think it is having a gigantic praise when it doesn´t deserve that much. But at least it is putting people in cinemas to go see it. And that is much to say for portuguese movies.

At number 5 and in a turning point week is “The Legend of Zorro”. With 19609 spectators and a 25% drop, this is the last big week. Next week the number of theathers will go down fast and so will the number of people going to see it. A more than 50% drop is expected.

At number 6 and, also, with a great second week is “Elizabethtown”. Cameron Crowe´s latest (altough lamest ever – not meaning bad) is getting the ladies attention. It has the mummy Orlando Bloom (near Kirsten Dunst, he just looks it more), but despite that some great scenes. Especially the ones involving Elizabethtowners. A must see but if it´s Cameron Crowe, you could find something better. Just pick any other he made. A very small (10%) drop with 15916 spectators to count for.

“The Constant Gardener” is getting attention (it deserves it) and people to go see it, also. The Africa/Pharmacy/Love/Politic/Guerrilla movie just is all the place. And Meirelles camerawork is just one of a kind. Altough sometimes it´s a little difficult to watch, especially really near the screen. At number 7 with 15658 and a 1% drop (a very ridicule one), only 100 people less than last week, makes for a very strong third week. Just carry on.

“Doom” which is also having the axe next week in the dreaded fourth week, and the end of it´s disapointing portuguese box-office perfomance. With a number 8 spot and 31% drop to 9331 spectators, the video game adaptation wasn´t prepared to beat the video game fame. It just wasn´t a breaktrough like the game itself and so it didn´t do that great.

Finally, at number 9 “The Amytiville Horror” is also saying goodbye to the top 10. In it´s fifth week, the run is far from disapointing and is actually very worthwhile. With a very big drop (41%) to 5403 spectators, it still did manage to maintain a top 10 spot, and still maintain the number 9 spot. It was expected to leave the top 10 but still did manage to get it nonetheless.

Next Week, we Have:

- “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” (this one is a no-brainer. The top spot is there to take and with a very big result- All hail the new champion next week
- “Cry Wolf” (there is a need for horror. And Cry Wolf will satisfy that lust. Expect a top 6 spot for him)
- “Into the Blue” (A top 10 spot is there for the taking but considering the competition, it doesn´t stand a chance for a great result. Maybe in 9 or 10 place)
- “Proof” (This one could also get the spot in the top 10. But it will be a low one. Maybe 8, 9 or 10)

See ya next week to see this results.



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