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Monday, November 07, 2005

10th Portuguese Box-Office Analysis

It is in the week between 20 and 26 of October
The Crisis of cinema industry is global and altough this year in terms of good filmaking and bad is as always was that doesn´t change the fact that people go less to the cinema.
A study says that comparing the period between January and September from 2004 and 2005, there were less 1,5 million people going to the cinema. And considering Portugal only has 10 million people in it, that´s a lot as you see...

This ends the 6 consecutive drops in number of spectators with a rise of 70%(amazing) from 79758 to 135521. This is partially due to the rain started pouring like crazy. Is it the reason for this spectacular rise? Who knows, but i bet it was...


Theather Count
Spectators (Week)
Percentage of spectators drop(-) or Rise (+)
Spectators (Total)
Week of Release
1. 40 Year Old Virgin

2. The Longest Yard

3. The Amytiville Horror

4. Brothers Grimm

5. Stealth

6. Must Love Dogs

7. The Long Weekend

8. The Wedding Crashers

9. Serenity

10. Russian Dolls

And the reigning champion doesn´t want to pass it´s crown. For the fourth straight week "40 Year Old Virgin" is still number one. In a very strange box-office (to all films) rise of 56% it maintained the spot with 27510 spectators. Indeed it was a strange week.

From the new openers (as expected) "The Longest Yard" could get to the number 1 spot. It had to be just number 2 with 21921 spectators. Not a very good result since Adam Sandler´s movies tend to be bigger hits in here. I guess doing stupid movies all the time has it´s toll.

At number 3 opened "The Amytiville Horror" with 19077 spectors. A decent result considering the excessive number of horror movies opening this days. This was just one more in the backyard. And it got the attention it deserved. That means, not very much.

Still opening we had "The Long Weekend", clearly one of those movies that should have gone directly to video. A cheap imitation of "American Pie" still got 9573 people to go see it. I wasn´t expecting that much. A surprise of the week. Unfortunately, a very bad one. By the way, did this opened in the U.S.A? How much did it made?? If it did...

At number 10 we have the last opener cracking the top 10 spot. It´s was "Russian Dolls" a french film by Cedric Klapisch. The sequel to the "Spanish Residence" it accompanies the life of that same caracters but in their thirties. A more mature film. A better one? I have my doubts...

From the consecutive players:

"Brother Grimm" opened in number 4 with a 34% rise to 12697 spectators. A very good rise, to a very decent movie by Gilliam. Not considering 12 Monkeys (my favourite one) this was a very pleasant surprise. Especially Peter Stormare caracter. Excellent acting. It deserved a little nomination.

At number 5 "Stealth" in it´s second week had a 4% rise to 10976 people seeing it. It was the film that deserved a lesser rise and the reason is obvious. It is a stupid film, not because it´s a american blockbuster but because it his a stupid one at that. There are plenty examples of good american blockbusters. Please stop sending this kind...

At number 6, a decent hold on of "Must Love Dogs" with a 40% rise. Romantic comedies have a very good potential to hold on. Especially when there aren´t any to contest the ones in the box-office. I´m not a fan but as a thinking person, when we don´t have something we want, we go get them anyway even if it´s far away or more expensive. Think people, think...

For the 6th week, this his at the moment the biggest holder at the top 10 spots, "Wedding Crashers". With a 30% rise it managed the stay at the top spots and gain a spot at "Serenity". That´s not too shabby indeed. Movies about wedding are generally very boring, i mean always but this one goes against that. And everybody goes. "Ahhhhhh, if my wedding was like that, what a dream..."

"Serenity" wasn´t an exception with a 18% rise and accompaning the trend of the week. It is expected that it will loose the number of theathers next week so expect it to leave the top spots. It´s the only science fiction movie around but still. And a very decent one but still nobody wants to see it. Go figure it out. I can´t...

Next week we have some new oppenings to consider and that will probably enter the top spots...

- "The Legend of Zorro" (will open good but it won´t get the top spot, that is me wishing)
- " Wallace & Grommit - The Curse of the Were-Rabbit" (i hope it will get the top spot. I can Still dream)
- "Lord of War" ( maybe in the top 6 or around that spot)
- "The crime of Father Amaro" (a portuguese film. A very bad one but it his getting it´s attention in the media so it will probably get a top 10 spot.)

See you guys and girls, next week.
Yours Truly

Bardus aka Pedro Ginja


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