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Monday, September 26, 2005

Box-Office Week Anaysis in Portugal (9-14 Set)

So it´s my fourth analysis of the Portuguese box-office in the week from 9 to 14 of September

MovieSpectators (Week)
Percentage of spectators drop(-) or Rise (+)
Spectators (Total)
Week of Release

1.House of Wax

2. Cinderella Man

3. Bewitched

4. The Island

5. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

6. Valiant

7. The Skeleton Key

8. Land of the Dead

9. Final Cut – A Ultima Memória

10. Monster in Law (Sogra de Fugir)

This week Winner is “HOUSE OF WAX” with 55925 spectators in it´s first week of release. This demonstrates the love of horror movies inPortugal. With the actresses Elish Cuthbert and Paris Hilton (ye right…) the film send shock waves between the critics (this in the bad way) but still got away with victory. Haven´t seen it yet altough I am a fan of horror. And this one has got Paris Hilton acting…..(that´s scary. When I heard the director of the movie say that when he wanted for Paris to be scared he made her run so she would have that face….please……..).
At number 2 another opener “CINDERELLA MAN” with a 42649 spectators counted. Not bad for a film about the great depression (we are having one here personally now so it´s bad remembering), and boxing. It´s time to say the “Fab Four” (Crowe, Howard, Grazer and Goldsmann) done it for the second time in here after a “Beautiful Mind” (that film really sucked in comparison to this one). Let´s see how it holds. The drawback of the film is having Reneé Zelweger. I Just can´t stand her acting (“You are the champion of my heart!!” Arghhhhhhhhhhh save me…).
The last opener of the week was “FINAL CUT” which opened at number 9 with 7790 spectators in only 9 movies. That´s not bad despite the mixed reviews and the presence of Robin Williams (the first actor who made me wanna see a movie – so he is part of my movie history forever). Ok I admit with him I feel nostalgic…so gonna see his movie…can´t stop…have to…go…BRAINS

“BEWITCHED” in it´s second week, had a decent drop of 37% droping to third place at the box-office. It coincided with the release in Portugal of the original series, so the nostalgia really set in. Not in me. I´m too young to feel nostalgic. Maybe one day I will think back and say “oh….i miss the old days of Pulp Fiction and Lord of the Rings” hehehe.

“THE ISLAND” CONTINUES to be a big hit. In it´s 4th week it had a 34% drop to a total of 268263 spectators. At this rate it will beat "“STAR WARS-THE REVENGE OF THE SITH” (ye I know it´s amazing but possible). You can tell Michael Bay, he is still king in Portugal (of the box-office).

“CHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY” for the second week has a rise (this time of a staggering 38%) of spectators to 22033. It´s the sleeper hit here in Portugal and the word of mouth is really making it big. My own blog is responsible for a massive going to the cinema to see the movie (it had a 9/10 review in here – Almost Perfect).

Like any animation movie “VALIANT” had a small drop of 28% and is going very well in spectators. Animation movies are also huge hits in here (this year biggest is “MADAGASCAR” with 680000 spectators total- that is very huge believe me).

“THE SKELETON KEY” had a huge drop of 49%. Altough it was a hit it finally got to hit and now is going down and fast. Next week it will probably leave the chart. The same fate awaits “LAND OF THE DEAD” AND “MONSTER IN LAW” (SOGRA DE Fugir) with 55% and 39% drops respectively. Zombies just don´t have the survival equipment to hold at the box-office. Too slow to learn. That´s why they need BRAINS…The “Sogra” movie continues it´s run of Mother in Law movies. People just love them.


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