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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

42th Portuguese Box-Office Analysis

Trying to put the analysis in order this week. Still down by a week and have to put it in track.
With a very big number of small openings this wasn´t a very good for cinema in Portugal. And the phantom of the World Cup already looms in the horizon. And that means not many people in movie theathers.
But this week brought great news to kids movies. Since the 1st of June was Children´s Day (at least in Portugal it is) then animation movies got a big boost. Just look at the list. All animation movies went up.

Expect a downtime this June and beginning of July. And this being the first week in June means the box-office went down by 20% to 225310 spectators.
Will make this analysis a quick one since time is not abundant in my hands.

This concern the week between 1 to 7 of June


Theather Count
Spectators (Week)
Percentage of Spectators Rise(+) or Drop (-)(-)
Spectators (Total)
Week of Release (New Film)

1. The Da Vinci Code
3rd Week

2. X-Men: The Final Stand
2nd Week

3. Mission Impossible 3
5th Week

4. The Shaggy Dog
1st Week

5. The Wild
8th Week

6. The Omen
2 Days

7. Bambi 2
13th Week

8. She´s the Man
1st Week

9. The Benchwarmers
1st Week

10. The New World
5th Week

The Champion:

No big news on this front. "The Da Vinci Code" maintains the top spot for the third straight week. And there isn´t a film in the near future that could upset it´s dominance of the portuguese Box-Office. In the U.S it went away quickly but i guess in here is there to stay. At least for the next week. But two more weeks at the top is not out of the loop. It made 115624 spectators for a 30% drop.

The New Players:

There are many this week but the strongest is "The Shaggy Dog". It´s a bit of a disapointment due to the high number of theathers and the fact it only made 15000 spectators in 45 ones. That´s a very low average. And this was a kid friendly movie week. SO expect it to be at the top for a very short time. It made number 4.

At number 8 we find "She´s the Man" with a 5977 opening week. Not memorable but those kind of movies don´t do very well in here. Especially with unknown actors. Next week it is out of here. And no harm done in that.

"The Benchwarmers" joins some of the better comic performers of the movie business. Well, at least some of them. And the result according to the critics is one of stupidest films of the year. This could be a good or bad sign. If it is "Stupid" as the "Waterboy" then we are in for a treat. If it´s stupid but not in the waterboy sense, then we are in trouble with the film. Who knows. I´m not taking the chance.

Finally way down in the 17th position we find the Australian Western "The Proposition". This one was a big surprise and i realy liked the movie. It´s dirty, it´s cruel, it sure isn´t pretty. But still we love it. And who the hell are the heros and villains. I don´t know. In a scene it´s someone and in the other it´s the other way around. A film full of surprise and a good proposition to go see in a movie theathers. Australian landscape was never this beautiful. It made 2005 spectators in just 5 theathers.

The Other Players:

This week this means animation movie. First there´s "The Wild" in number 5 with a 439% rise in spectators making it the winner of this week outstanding performance of the week. The there is "Bambi 2", a reentry to number 7 with 6682 spectators. Finally we find "Ice Age:The Meltdown" with a 67% rise and 3170 spectators. All thankx to the 1st of June. Bless the Children.

See ya next week.

Good Night and Good Films.


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