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Monday, October 03, 2005

5th Portuguese Box-Office Analysis

So here we are for analysis number 5. And as long as i have the patience it will continue...
I just hope you guys continue to check it out so it gives me the patience to do it...
But there are bad news to be given. And now they are official. With a big drop, this week, it is now virtually impossible to "The Island" to pass the gross of "Star Wars - The Revenge of the Sith". It would take a miracle to pull it off.
I am so sorry.

It is in the week between 15 to 21 of September


Movie Spectators (Week)
Percentage of spectators drop(-) or Rise (+)
Spectators (Total)
Week of Release

1. Wedding Crashers

2. Red Eye

3. House of Wax

4. Cinderella Man

5. The Island

6. Bewitched

7. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

8. Valiant

9. Land of the Dead

10. Final Cut-A Ultima Memória

This week we had three openings.
At the top spot, and the big champion, was "The Wedding Crashers" with Wilson and Vaughn dominating the field with 64835 spectators. The big hit is in part because the weddings int U.S. are very similar to the ones here. We don´t know half to 90% of the people there and so anyone could pass on (as long there is someone missing from the list - That helps a lot). Hey, people got to eat right????
At number 2 opened "Red Eye", the thriller by horror legend Wes Craven. The trailer was very well done and i think that called a lot of people to the movies. But (in spite of not yet seeing this one) that "Phone Booth" was a bit better. But hey that´s just me...I just love claustrophobic movies.
The other film was "Um Rio..." which didn´t get to the top 20 (so no information). It really is a thing with portuguese. They don´t support ´the movies made by portuguese. But i believe also, that this wasn´t the one to back up. The trailer was just so confusing and the critics were awful...

For the non-openers this was a bad week. We had drops between 41 and 59%!!!!
"House of Wax" is at number 3 spot with a 56% drop. It was just too scary and word-of-mouth got out. Paris hilton acting is just too much for us to bear. And i think everyone out there agrees.
The ones who did show up this week didn´t had friends to tell them or had some very big enemy (hehehe).

At number 4 "Cinderella Man" had a 48% drop to 22059 spectators. The fab four didn´t resist a bad week for movies in Portugal and so they just go with a flow. A big Drop...Punchs and Jabs just don´t cut it when you can see them in T.V. during a football game (soccer for U.S.A people).

"The Island" was the disapointment of the week by falling to enter portuguese box-office history. With a 50% drop they won´t get to the 350000 they were expecting and will finish the run at about 330000. So Star Wars you are safe from a even bigger humiliation at the box-office here. Rest assured.

"Bewitched" just got the bad movie treatment with a 59% drop to 13305 spectators (Oucchhhh!!). That was hard. But hey bad movies always get what they deserve and i dare anyone to say this is actually a good movie. Remakes of popular T.V. series never are...

Unfortunately good movies also got the treatment. "Charlie and the Chocolate..", at mumber 7, had a drop from 46% after a last week rise of 39%. So that was disapointing, since i am a big defensor of Tim Burton. The man just rocks.

"Valiant" at number 8 as "The Final Cut" at number 10 did also get the cut at they´re earnings.

The one that changed all this (in spite of a 41% drop) was George´s Romero "Land of the Dead" with a better result after the more than 50% drop from last week. They are slow but when they get ya, they just grow on you. It also helps to have good reviews and people realising that horror movies just need talented directors and not just the easy frights and scares...


Anonymous André Batista said...

Wedding Crashers e red eye são simplesmente excelentes.dou-hes 4/5. eambos têm a rachel mcadams!!!! see ya

04 October, 2005


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