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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

24th Portuguese Box-Office Analysis

Here we are for another portuguese box-office analysis.
This time only one error in the spectators number was found. That´s a significant improvment from last week and of some time ago when 200000 spectators vanished in thin air.

This week, another surprise haunts us. And it seems even bigger that last week´s "Match Point" number one spot. Allen commanding the box-office in Portugal, what could be a bigger surprise this week? You will se in a while. We also have 3 new films in the top ten spots.

This week has put 177295 spectators for the top ten movies. That means a 12% drop since last week´s.

We are considering the week from 27th of January to February 2nd


Spectators (Week)
Percentage of spectators Drop (-) or Rise (+)
Spectators (Total)
Week of Release
1. Match Point
2nd Week

2. Pride and Prejudice
2nd Week

3. Memoirs of a Geisha
1st Week

4. Fun With Dick and Jane
4th Week

5. Saw II
2nd Week

6. Jarhead
3rd Week

7. The Libertine
1st Week

8. The Wendell Baker Story
1st Week

9. King Kong
7th Week

10. The Man
5th Week

The Champion:

What could be a bigger surprise than having a Woody Allen film two straight weeks at the number one spot? There couldn´t be anything bigger for Mr Allen.
"Match Point" with 38560 spectators and a smallish 14% drop, managed to maintain and even gain a bit advantage over the number two film. A fantastic perfomance for him, and for having, finally, made a great movie. Kudos Mr.Allen.

The New Players:

The first new player opens at number 3 spot. "Memoirs of a Geisha", with 24946 spectators didn´t impress at the box-office. Japan, doesn´t hold that much a charm in here. And considering it´s a movie devoid of emotion (with exception to the great Gong Li) it isn´t doing much better in the coming weeks.

At number 7 spot is "The Libertine" with Mr. Jonhy Depp. With 9582 spectators, it conjured a lousy opening and will disapear, maybe even next week of the top films. And beeing slaughtered by the portuguese critics doesn´t help either.

"The Wendell Baker Story", a movie from and with the Wilson Brothers (all of them), that i presume still hasn´t opened in the U.S.A, opened here with 5928 spectators in just 8 theathers. Not bad but definitely not impressive. They are probably seeing how it does overseas and then try opening it in the U.S. Who knows. But this is one minor film.

Even minor film is Van Damme latest "Wake of Death", which opened at the number 12 spot with 5147 spectators. Portugal is probably the only country where Steven Seagal and Van Damme movies open at movie theathers. Why? Stop doing it. They suck and we are realizing that finally. Please????

The Other Players:

At the number 2 spot is "Pride and Prejudice", with 30934 spectators and a 27% drop. Doing ok, for a romantic/period/boring drama. Comeone, who still wants to see girls in corsages? Ok, maybe that is not the right question. Hey Jane Austen for me=BORING. So i will not go see it. And only urge you to go see it if you like...There isn´t anything to like. It´s boring. And everyone knows how it ends right???The Whole world. But still they go see it...Go figure.

"Fun with Dick and Jane" opened at number 4, with 22097 spectators and a 24% drop. Going strong, still, in it´s fourth week. Great perfomance by Jim Carrey. He still has the touch in Portugal.

And the only horror movie in the top ten spots is "Saw II". They say that in addition to being a horror movie, it is also a horror to behold, of being so bad. Ohhhhh, it made 19788 spectators and had a 30% drop.

"Jarhead" stoped falling like a mad man and only lost 25% of it´s number of spectators, which was 13733.

At number 9 we have for the 7th week, "King Kong". With 5869 spectators and a 41% drop, the biggest this week. Now it really is saying goodbye. The fall from the Empire State is complete. He is Going down, but with a bang of almost 350000 spectators. Not bad.

Finally at number 10 we have "The Man", a big surprise, considering some people are going to see it. Probably the same number that went see it at the U.S. And no, that´s not a compliment. It got 5858 spectators and a 21% drop. Amazing. Some films we really don´t expect doing good, just plain bad and this was one of them. For sure.

Next week we will have:

- "Munich" (will do good. The theather i went see it and pretty full and it was a afternoon session. The number one spot is garanteed.)
- "The Dark" (maybe a spot at number 6. Not much better. The competition at the horror front is big this week)
- "Wolf Creek" (a number 5 spot. A little better than "The Dark" but not much)
- "Rent" (this one will bomb in here. Big time. Maybe in the final top 10. Musicals, arghhhh)

Just a note to the opening of a Luchino Visconti film, an old one, "Il Gattopardo" - The Leopard.

Hope you enjoyed the analysis.
See ya next week.



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