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Monday, January 23, 2006

20th Portuguese Box-Office Analysis

The magic number. The number 20.
Ok, it isn´t magic but it´s a landmark...
I expect the next one to be number 50, and maybe even number 100. That would be amazing and something i desire (at the moment) to achieve. Let´s just see how life goes...

This analysis is obiously to put the portuguese box-office right. It was wrong for two weeks and so this week we won´t have the rise or drop of each film since last week was wrong and that wouldn´t make any sense.
This week we got 209807 spectators for the top 10 movies.

At the top 10 spots just two openers, "The Man" and "The Descent" that still didn´t opened in the U.S.A.
And what about the number one spot. Is it still for Kong, "King Kong"?
Just check it out:

We are considering the week between 29 December to January 4.


Theather Count
Spectators (Week)
Spectators (Total)
Week of Release

1. King Kong
3rd Week

2. The Chronicles of Narnia: The Warrior, the Witch and the Wardrobe
4th Week

3. Tim Burton´s Corpse Bride
2nd Week

4. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
6th Week

5. The Man
1st Week

6. Chicken Little
7th Week

7. The Family Stone
2nd Week

8. O Crime do Padre Amaro
10th Week

9. The Descent
1st Week

10. The Fog
4th Week

The Champion:

The First place goes to: Kong, "King Kong". In it´s third week of release, it managed to stay at the top spot thankfully in part due to the small openings of 5 movies. None of them was significant so it would be difficult for it to loose the number 1 spot.
With 53626 spectators for the week and a corrected total at a more believable 277245 spectators. It is not 500000 but it isn´t 77000 like the numbers from last week.

The New Openers:

At number 5 opened "The Man". A gigantic flop in the U.S.A, it wasn´t much great in here with only 17825 spectators for the week. Maybe because it´s a horrible movie, i don´t know...

This one more on the good movie side opened at number 9 with 9580 spectators. "The Descent", the second best horror movie of the year (personally) didn´t raise any attention. I personally expect a top 3 spot, but i guess i got over the top. Sometimes quality is not enough. maybe because i haven´t seen a trailer or anything ressembling marketing for it... In the world today, a movie without marketing is difficult to sell. maybe the great word of mouth will help sell it. I hope so.

"Odete" at number 14, the new portuguese film from João Pedro Rodrigues, got a decent opening, altough not very impressive at 4879 spectators for the week. The mixed reviews and because of being a controversial director, it didn´t get that much attention in the media. Only in Newspapers...

At number 15 we wave "Waiting..." with 4142 spectators. Another one ignored in this week full of openings. There were 9 new openings this week. Too much for the portuguese market to absorve.

Finally at the number 19 spot is "Joyeux Noel", a french movie about a Christmas break in World War I, to sing songs during the conflict in "No Man´s Land". A break in war in Christmas, to sing? This is almost unbelievable but they say it is a true story. Only 2721 spectators believed it to be...The tohers stayed at home, watching soap operas (ou novelas para os portugueses).

Next Week We will Have:
- "Fun with Dick and Jane" (will get a top 10 spot. Maybe a number 2 spot. Great opening for Carey)
- "Transporter 2" (Jason Statham is cool. The film may be rubish, but with Jason...A top 5 spot for it...)
- "Green Street Holigans" (Frodo a hooligan? That doesn´t look good. Won´t get a top 10 spot. mark my words)
- "The Devil´s Rejects" (Rob Zombie, the worst reviews ever and no marketing. no public. And that´s that)
See ya next week...


Anonymous S0LO said...

E o "King Kong" bem mereceu :).


23 January, 2006


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