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Monday, October 10, 2005

6th Portuguese Box-Office Analysis

It is in the week between 22 to 28 of September

We had a 14% drop since last week of spectators in the top 10 films from 200580 to 172091, this week.
Since we are in election campaigning, this could be a very strong reason. We are talkin of 43000 people running for a good work, and very well payed so they gotta to work it...


Movie Spectators (Week)
Percentage of spectators drop(-) or Rise (+)
Spectators (Total)
Week of Release

1. Wedding Crashers





2. The Dukes of Hazzard





3. Red Eye





4. House of Wax





5. CInderella Man





6. Bewitched





7. The Island





8. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory





9. Valiant





10. Land of the Dead





The oppeners were the Dukes of Hazzard, SHe Hate Me, Inside Deep Throat e 20 Centímetros (a Spanish Movie - a musical, that right!!! i Bet it won´t get there in the U.S.)

The only of this at the top 10 was "The Dukes of Hazzard" but the opening wasn´t that great, with only 39195 spectators... I guess redneck jokes and T.V. old series are not cutting it here in Portugal, so just stop sending them our way...If a Sony or Universal or Dreamworks (hello Mr.Spielberg) is reading this... STOP

A very particular thing about the portuguese box-office is when there are no big oppeners, the drops on the other movies are significantly smaller as you will see this week. For example that week i went see "My Heart Skipped a Beat" and "She Hate Me" in the smaller theathers. The ones at malls always have the same type of movies.

Still holding on to the top spot is "The Wedding Crashers", with Owen and Vince, my "dogs", hehe (not in the litteral sense). I was eager to see it but when i went to choose i always choose something else. I think i have a fear of marriage. The other ones are always better. I mean the other movies. It had a 33% drop.

With similar drops we also had "Red Eye" and "House of Wax". I guess when having the chance the portuguese, love to go back and be scared to death. We are talking about (for the third time in a row), Paris Hilton acting...I guess i have to shut up about this but i just can´t resist every week. On the other hand in ""Red Eye" we have the lovely Rachel MacAdams. What to choose, ohhhhhh the agony, the horror!!

"Cinderella Man" is really holding it´s leg with a small drop of 27%. Like in the U.S it started small but is finding it´s public nice and slow. I´ve seen it and it´s a pleasure to behold. Not the film of my life but a nice one. But hey, it´s not Oscar Material. You got in the right track with Million Dollar Baby but let´s not forget a film called "Chicago" got a better film oscar (argghhh... a musical and not one of the good ones)

"Bewitched" was the surprise of the week. A bigger surprise for me. A smallish drop of 17%. And i don´t have a clue why this happened. We are talking about, a not so great movie at it´s 4th week. It should have plummeted to the abyss but it hold on. Then i think about "Dukes of Hazzard" and i understand. People just did have to choose between these two, and what would you choose. Let´s just say it "Bewitched". Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Now it´s too late. just give up "The Island". A small (altough the bigger this week) of 38% sent it to 9760 spectators this week. It´s 50000 short of Star Wars and now it´s more than official. Please just die ok???

"Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" found it´s audience. With a 29% drop to 8355 in it´s 7 week, is a reason to celebrate. I wasn´t expecting, this kind of perfomance at the Portuguese box-office since the book is virtually unknown in here. But i guess good filmaking gets to every one. Only if it´s portuguese it doesn´t get it´s attention here.

"Valiant" the animation movie of the list had a drop of 38% and will eventually leave the top 10 next week. For an animation movie it was certainly a disapointment since Portugal is the market of excelence to them.

I was wrong about "Land of the Dead" from George Romero. It hold on at the top 10 spot because of it´s drop of 36%. Altough the small number of theaters it is showing, people are just flocking to those rooms. But i think next week is inevitable. He is out of here. But he sure gave us a lot of fun in the movie.

So see ya next week. We will have the oppenings, just to say the most well know or expected in Portugal:

- Goal!

-Brother Grimm

- One Missed Call (Takashi Miike - the master of gore)

- 40 Year Old Virgin (ye it will get the top spot. Portuguese can´t resist a virgin - hehe)

I´m sorry for the humour. It is really getting disgusting...

I´ve been writing in here for far too long heheh

Don´t worry i will continue...

Infortunately for some but fortunately for others i hope

See ya next week


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