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Monday, August 08, 2005

Weekend Analysis of the Box-Office in the U.S.A

Ok…This will mark the beginning of my analysis of the American with the new films being released and how the old ones hold on on the competitive american market…

Let´s start by dysplaying the box-office at the US this last weekend (only the top ten):

(Movie) (Studio) (Weekend Gross) (Variation(Last Weekend)) (Total Gross)

1. The Dukes of Hazzard $30,575,000 New Movie
2. Wedding Crashers NL $16,500,000 -17.6% $144,099,000
3. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory WB $10,565,000 -35.5% $169,023,000
4. Sky High BV $9,048,000 -38.2% $32,050,000
5. Must Love Dogs WB $7,415,000 -42.3% $26,278,000
6. March of the Penguins WIP $7,135,000 +77.0% $26,435,000
7. Stealth Sony $5,800,000 -56.2% $24,458,000
8. Fantastic Four Fox $4,050,000 -41.4% $143,774,000
9. War of the Worlds Par. $3,560,000 -35.1% $224,627,000
10. The Island DW $3,115,000 -47.8% $30,942,000

The Dukes of Hazzard (mais conhecidos em Portugal pelos 3 Duques-Série de Tv) had a good opening with a solid 30.8 million of dollars in the weekend. Who doesn´t remember the orange Ford Torino with the south flag in the top of the car when the series hit television in the 70´s (nos anos 80 em Portugal).

To note is also the great hold on of the Wedding Crashers a comedy with Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn that is on it´s way to be the big sleeper hit of this summer (ainda sem data prevista em Portugal) with a small drop of 17,6%.

Also a note to the wide release of the March of the Penguins, a documentary about the life of Emperor Penguins and that is now the second biggest grossing doccumentary after Michael Moore´s Fahreneit 9/11. It had a jump of 77% since last week.

Finally War of the Worlds continues it´s run with now a total of 224 million dollars of gross only in the U.S.A behind of Star Wars III- Revenge of the Sith with a total of almost 380 million dollars….

Any questions about any of the films or about anything of box-office just ask....i´m a expert (well suposedely hehehe)

Long Live Cinema


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