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Tuesday, August 30, 2005

What´s Coming Your Way in October (U.S.A)

1 - The Curse of the Were-Rabbit starring Wallace & Gromit
We see the return, now in a feature film, of the wonderful duo of Wallace and Gromit (The dog who doesn´t talk) who are funny as hell
Why it is amazing?
We are talking of animation using (at least in the original) plasticine dolls… cool is plasticine….and the animation, despite the difficult process is always top notch

2 - Elizabethtown
Why it is amazing?
It´s the return of Cameron Crowe. Do I need to say more and he brings Kirsten Dunst (hot), Susan Sarandon (also Hot) and a whole gang of other key players (no I´m not thinking of Orlando Bloom…..arghhhhh)

3 - Stay
Why it´s amazing?
It´s a project once attached to David Fincher (ye the guy from 7 Deadly Sins) so it as to be good (please David Fincher comeback we miss you).
So David Forster got the job and got the likes of Naomi Watts and Ewan Macgregor…It also as heavy supernatural elements and that´s always good

4 - The Weather Man
Why it´s amazing?
It has Nicolas Cage, the second coolest living actor (after Johny Depp ofcourse). It´s a going slow for director Gore Verbinsky after the Ring and Pirates of the Caribeean. It is reported to be a dark film (it talks about weather, so it´s mainly raining right hehe)….

5 -Doom
Why it´s amazing?
It´s the adaptation of one of the biggest and genre defining games of all times Doom…So it´s sparkles a little curiosity and nostalgia of the long nights playing it. I´m also a good action film fan and I expect this to be cool or at least fun…The actors and director don´t promise much but let´s see


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