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Monday, October 10, 2005

What´s Coming your Way in November (U.S.A)

November is the month in which the Oscar race begins, altough it´s December the month to be most popular and more likely to be nominated.
We have some possible nominees this month…Which one? Who Knows…

1 – JarHead
Why It´s Amazing?
It´s the third film from Sam Mendes. Once Takashi Miike said “If in your movies there´s at least a scene that is so beautiful then you´ve made a great film…”
And who doesn´t remember that scene in the rain where Tom Hanks, caracter kills Paul Newmann without sound but with this beautiful music. And the only dialogue is just so beautiful “I´m glad it is you” (paul Newmann). The Perfect scene on a not so great film. But the man has got talent, one has to admit.

2 – Get Rich or Die Trying
Why it´s Amazing?
It has 50 Cent, first debut as a leading man and with Jim Sheridan directing. You may not like 50 cent but you justa gotta see for yourself. And a great filmmaker can really make the difference. It has my benefit of a doubt (but then again so did Paris Hilton and look how that turned out hehehe??)

3 – Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
Why it´s Amazing?
Unless you have been behind some rock or living in a cave this past ten years, you know why this is great. It´s the so called good clean fun. And when the director says this is one dark movie, he just bought my ticket (I wished). Will have to check for myself .

4 – Syriana
Why It´s Amazing?
The politic movie and the apettizer for the big one of George Clooney “Goodbye and Good Night”. We are talking petrol money so this got to be interesting…Plus it has Matt Dammon, the coolest actor around.

5 – The Libertine
Why It´s Amazing?
A film with Jonhy Depp. How can it be not amazing. Expect one more great perfomance of this great actor. Hey, just like Depp said ”this was the first rock star in History”. And we all love rock stars…


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