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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

43th Portuguese Box-Office Analysis

Another week of box-office bliss here in Portugal. But just in words because numbers are not famous.
And has expected this is a week that suffered a lot from the World Cup in Germany.

We have a very weak week that only managed to get 185274 spectators and a 18% drop since last. No new big openings also helped this bad streak.
Next week won´t be much better since Portugal continues in the World Cup at least until the beggining of July. We are in the semi-finals. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

And without further ado let´s move on to the list.

This concern the week between 8 to 14 of June


Theather Count
Spectators (Week)
Percentage of Spectators Rise(+) or Drop (-)(-)
Spectators (Total)
Week of Release (New Film)

1. The Da Vinci Code
4th Week

2. The Omen
2nd Week

3. X-Men:The Final Stand
3rd Week

4. Asterix et les Vikings
1st Week

5. Mission Impossible 3
6th Week

6. The Shaggy Dog
2nd Week

7. She´s the Man
2nd Week

8. Hard Candy
1st Week

9. The Benchwarmers
2nd Week

10. The New World
6th Week

The Champion:

And for the fourth straight week "The Da Vinci Code" is the number one in the box-office derby. With this result it equals "40 Year Old Virgin", with four weeks in the top since i started doing the box-office analysis. It managed 70523, a very strong fourth week, for 608139 spectators total and a 39% drop.

The New Players:

And the biggest opener is "Asterix et les Vikings" in number 4 with 14657 spectators. Not that much known in the U.S this is a animation movie that was a big investment in France. It cost 21 million euro, that is about 30 million dollars, give or take. At least in here it didn´t payed off and Asterix is very well known on this parts. And especially for an animation movie, in a animation loving country, it´s a very bad result indeed. Expect a small drop but still is a disapointment.

At number 8 we find a shocker, not for beeing a surprise but for the theme of the film, "Hard Candy". Fight against paedophilia by a 14 year old girl. And involving torture to a supposed paedophile. Wowww, wasn´t expecting a film like that ever beeing made but opening is even a bigger victory. And it is beeing praised by critics and public alike. A cult movie following is forming quickly. And one famous scene in it is just a part of it. Don´t be afraid to go see it, but expect to be very afraid especially if you are a man.

Still opening outside the top 10 we find "The Chumbscrubber" at number 15 with 1416 spectators. A supposed cult movie that didn´t get the cult following gets the axe at the box-office. Will disapear very quickly. In number 18 is "Inconscientes" a mad rabbling about Freud and psychanalysis, in Spanish!!! Kinda Strange but still got 1037 spectators to go see it. Many Freud fans out there. And after three weeks we find another new opening three weeks due, "Modigliani". In it´s third week it managed 995 spectators and a 19th spot at the list. Not bad for a film that is beeing voted one of the worst of the year by critics in a larger sense. Some liked it but not that much still.

For the outstanding perfomance of the week we find the biggest surprise of the week, it was from "She´s the Man" with a 50% rise in number of spectators to 8999. Wowww doesn´t even begin to describe it. Excellent result despite the bad film. But hey the audience is never wrong. There must be something good in there if you look hard. VERY HARD.

See ya next week

Good Night and Good Films.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

como é que se pode dar 5 euros para se ir ver o she's the man??

06 July, 2006

Anonymous Pedro Ginja said...

pois isso é uma pergunta para a qual não tenho resposta.

Mas os numeros não mentem. Teve uma subida de 50% no número de pessoas que o foram ver.

Ahhhh pois é.
Existe muita gente não assumida por aí.

07 July, 2006

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