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Thursday, August 17, 2006

45th Portuguese Box-Office Analysis

I´m back. After 4 weeks working at a rig site in Sicily.
And no, i was not on vacation as everybody still continues to say. Going abroad doesn´t mean going on vacation ok???

As promised i will try to put the box-office analysis on time but am starting to see it´s an herculean job. But still, will try to do it. The more i can possible do. Not less.

Going way meant stepping out of the portuguese reality and entering in this case the italian reality (no subtitles, all voices replaced by italian. Arghhhhhhhh. I don´t know how you can handle that. I sure can´t).

But going way back to were we left we get to the week between 22 to 28 of June. Really way back.
And this weeks means a change in leadership after 5 weeks at the top for the "Da Vinci Code". And the new one is not a big surprise in a very soft week for cinema. Because at this time the World Cup is at the highest interest possible and nobody cares about cinema. Only football matters.
The week had a 13% drop in number of spectators for the top ten movies to the number of 179542.

This analysis concerns the week of June between 22 to 28.


Theather Count
Spectators (Week)
Percentage of Spectators Rise(+) or Drop (-)(-)
Spectators (Total)
Week of Release (New Film)

1. The Fast and the Furious 3 - Tokyo Drift

1st Week

2. The Da Vinci Code
6th week

3. Take the Lead
2nd week

4. RV
2nd Week

5. X-Men: The Final Stand
5th Week

6. Asterix et les Vikings
3rd Week

7. The Omen
4th Week

8. Mission Impossible 3
8th Week

9. Shaggy Dog
4th Week

10. She´s the Man
4th Week

The Champion:

Considering the films opening and the films that were already in theathers this was a esay one to guess. "The Fast and the Furious 3 - Tokyo Drift", with a complete new cast. No Vin Diesel in sight or even Paul Walker. Just a bunch of unknowns and some you didn´t wanted to know like Bow Wow. Change the name, please. It doesn´t suit you. The film is more of the same in a more profound way. No actors to look at so just the cars matter. And what do people that like car racing want to see?? That´s right... Girls... And cars ofcourse. A decent debut to 77457 spectators. Don´t have the numbers of the 2 previous films but this isn´t that bad. Since cars are not my thing i don´t like this one but for fans it´s a no brainer.

The New Openers:

Only one made the cut in the top 20. It´s "Klimt", kind of, autobiography that managed to land a number 11 spot with 3222 spectators in just 3 theathers. A very strnge film, the so called author film, from Raoul Ruiz with John Malkovich interpreting yet another, artist´s life full of all artists problems. Personally biopics are really getting on my nerve so anyhting that shows is already catalogued as the same thing. They say this is strange and different. Still no curiosity to go see it. But who knows. You might like it.

The Other Films:

In a very down week. All films dropping in the viccinity of 45% (average)i have to talk of the film that had the most impressive week. And that´s "RV". With a small (for the week) 29% drop to 13990 it managed to gain a spot and stay away from much stronger competition like the X-Men. Not bad for a film were RW (Robin Williams) does more of the same. I´m telling this but the man used to be my Idol. Then i grew up. But i still think he is a great comedian. He just needs a big comic movie to get on top. And one that is actually funny.

See ya soon with a new week of box-office bliss.

Good Night and Good Films.


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